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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Indian team wins bronze in chess olympiad 2014

Really creditable achievement.
Bronze in chess olympiad open section!!!!

Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Tiger roars back!!!

Anand surprises the world again.
He is back as challenger to Magnus in coming up world championship match.
He convincingly won the candidates tournament and surprised the world again.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Indian GrandMasters - March 2015 FIDE Rating

Indian Grandmasters as of today with current FIDE rating

GM's (36): Vishy Anand (2791), Sasikiran (2682), P. Harikrishna (2729), SS Ganguly (2603), Koneru Humpy (2581), Parimarjan Negi (2664), Sandipan Chanda (2569), Abhijeet Gupta (2625), Vidit Gujrathi (2625), Gopal (2575), P. Magesh Chandran (2558),  SP Sethuraman (2623), Adhiban (2646), MR Lalith Babu (2556), DeepSen Gupta, Deepan Chakravary, Harika, Venkatesh MR, Sahaj Grover, Vaibhav Suri, Abhijjet Kunte, Shyam Sundar, Akshay Kore, Vishnu Prasanna, Saptarshi, Arun Prasad, Debashis Das, S. Kidambi,  RR Laxman, Tejas Bakre, Neelotpal Das, Sriram Jha, D. Barua, Pravin Thipsay, Ramesh, Ankit Rajpara

In addition to this, there are 70+ IM's aspiring to become GM one day!!!

WGM's (13): S. Vijayalaxmi (IM-2335), Tania Sachdev ( IM-2404), Padmini Rout (2454), Eesha Karawade (IM-2405),Mary Ann Gomes (2354), Saumya Swaminathan (2366), Bhakti kulkarni (2295), Nisha Mohota (IM), Swati Ghate(IM), Krutika Nadig, Kiran Mohanty, Arti Ramesh, S. Meenakshi

In addition to this, there are 15+ WIM's aspiring to become WGM one day!!!

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Another Bharatratna on the verge of retirement!!!

Although government forgot to award Bharatratna to Anand (his achievements are even bigger than Sachin on all fronts) and made a gross injustice to him, After Sachin, another Bharatratna Anand is on the verge of retirement.
As expected Anand lost to Magnus in world chess championship 2013, 6.5-3.5 final score.
 I can only say good luck and best wishes for future to this Bharatratna.......

Monday, November 04, 2013

World Championship Match 2013-Chennai-India- Anand vs Karlsson

Looking forward to upcoming world championship match in Chennai.
I would give 50-50 chance to both of them.
and my prediction is true as of now (2-2 score after 4 games).......

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Indian Chess Achievers (GM's)

GM Sasikiran: Olympiad 2014-silver/bronze, Corsica masters 2011-1st, Hogeschool Zeeland 2010-1st, World team 2010-bronze, Asian indoor rapid09- bronze, Inventi 2009-2nd, Pamplona 2008-1st, World mind sport rapid 2008-silver, Najdorf Memorial 08-1st, Kolkata open 08-1st, Asian indoor 07 rapid/blitz-Gold, classic-silver, Ordix open 07-1st tied, MTel 07- 2nd tied, Asian games 06-Gold, La-roche-sur-yon 06-1st, Aeroflot Open 06-tied 1st, Benasque open 05-1st, Sigeman 05-1st, Parsvanath International 05-1st, Biel 04-2nd, Hogeschool Zeeland open 04-1st, Canaria-enRed-Internet chess 04-1st, Dubai open 04-2nd, Politican Cup 03-1st, North Sea cup 03-1st, Asian champ 03-gold, TanChinNam 02-1st, Goodricke international-2nd, Hasting International 00,01-1st, Commonwealth 00-gold, 03-silver, National Champion-4 times, Arjun award-2002
GM Harikrishna: Tata Steel-B-2012-1st, Asian chess 2011-gold, World team 2010-bronze, Nancy international 2009-1st, Spice cop USA2008-1st, Torre Memorial 07-2nd, Asian Games 06-Gold, Chess960 Jr rapid champion 06, Marks gyorgy memorial-Paks - 1st (06 & 07), Reykjavik open 06-tied 1st, Pamplona 05-2nd, Essent 05-1st, Sanjin hotel cup 05-1st, Bermuda International 05-1st, World Jr 04-gold, Dubai open 04-2nd, Hasting international 01-1st, Commonwealth 01-gold, World under 10-gold, 18-bronze, Arjun award-2006
GM Ganguly: LIC International 2015-1st, World team 2010-gold, Asian champ-09-Gold, Parsvanath open 2009-1st, Commonwealth champ 08-2nd, Sydney international 08-1st, Parsvanath international-2nd, Asian indoor 07 rapid team-gold, classic-silver, ONGC cup international 06-1st, United Insurance GM Open 05-1st, Kolkatta int. open 04- tied 1st, Gibtelecom chess 04- 2nd, World Jr 02-bronze, Asian champ 01-bronze, World under 10-bronze, National Champion-6 times, Arjun award- 2005
GM Sandipan Chanda: Gibtelecom 2010-tied 1st, Kavala open 2009-2nd, Quebec open2007 -2nd tied, Canada open 07-2nd tied, World open 07-1st tied, Commonwealth 06-silver, Curacao 04- 1st, Benasque open 03- 1st tied, Schlosspark open 01-1st, Leinfeldener open 01-2nd
GM Abhijeet Kunte: Mayor's cup Mumbai 2008-1st tied, Asian individual 2007-bronze, Quebec open- 2nd tied, Canadian Open 2006- 1st, Parswanath int open 2005-2nd, British Champ 2003-1st, Kolkata int. open 2004- 1st, National Champion- 3 times
GM Koneru Humpy: Women GP dilijan 2013-1st, Women's GP-kazan-2012-1st, World team 2011-1st board-Gold, Qatar grand prix 2010-1st, Mayor's cup 2009-1st tied, Turkey GP2009-1st, Mayor's cup Mumbai 2008- 1st tied, Asian indoor 07 rapid/blitz-gold, classic-silver, European club cup 07/8-champion, Kaupthing open 07-1st, HSG open 07-1st, Padmashri award 07, Asian Games 06-2 Golds, North ural cup 05-1st, Win TV open 04-2nd, Asian Women 03-gold, British ladies champ 02-gold & 00-gold, World Jr 02-silver & 01-gold, Elekes Memorial GM 02-1st, Hotel cup GM 01-1st, First & Third sat 01-1st, World under 10,12,14-golds, National Champion, Arjun award- 2003
GM Ramesh: Commonwealth champ 2007-gold, British Champ 2002-gold, Parsvanath International 2003-1st
GM P.Magesh Chandran: Philadelphia open-2012-1st, Badalona open-3rd, Montcada open 2009-1st, World open 2005-1st, UTD invitational GM 2005-1st
GM Barua: United Insurance-2009-1st,Euwe Stimulans 2007-2nd, Olympiad-gold-1993, Tata International 2003-1st, National Champion- 3 times, Arjun award-1983
GM Gopal: Gibtelecom 2010-tied 1st, World team 2010-bronze, Gjovic chess 2008-2nd, Gausdal classic 2008-2nd, Gibtelecom 2008-2nd tied, lake sevan round robin chess-2nd
GM Thipsay: Commonwealth 2004-bronze, National Champion- 7 times, Arjun award-1984 GM Neelotpal Das: San Sabastian international open 2006- 1st tied
GM Tejas Bakre: World under 16-Gold, First Saturday GM 2001-1st
GM Parimarjan Negi: Olympiad 2014-bronze, Politiken cup-2013-1st, World open-2013-1st, DC open-2013-1st, Cappelle la grade 2013-1st, UTD GM open 2013-1st, Asian champ 2012-gold, Dubai open 2011-2nd, Parsvnath open 2011-2nd, National champ-2010, Malaysian open-1st, Politiken cup 2009-1st, World Jr 2008-2nd, Kaupthing open 2008-1st tied, World Youth star 2007-1st tied, World under 12-bronze
GM Deepan Chakravarthy: ONGC cup 2006-1st tied, Piloo Modi open 2004-2nd tied
GM Abhijeet Gupta: Delhi Open GM 2014-1st, Al Ain open 2013-1st, Olympiad 2012-silver, Philadelphia int-2012-1st, National champ 2011, Dubai Open 2011-1st, Kavla open 2010-1st, Asian champ 2010-bronze, Reykjavic 2010-tied 1st, Bad wiessee 09- tied 1st, Kavla open 2009-3rd, World Jr 2008-1st, Parsvanath international 2008-1st, Balaguer open 2007- 3rd tied, Andorra open 2006-2nd tied, Youth under 16 olympiad- 2 Silver
GM Arun Prasad: World team 2010-bronze, Scottish open 2009-1st
GM R R Laxman: Commonwealth chess 2010-gold
GM Harika:World team 2011- 2nd board-silver, Hangzhou 2011-2nd, Asian chess 2011-gold, Asain games-2010-bronze,National Champion 2009, Asian indoor rapid09-bronze, World Jr 2008-1st, Asian indoor 2007 rapid-gold, classic-silver, World under 10,12-silvers, 14,18-golds, Asian Women 2003-silver, Commonwealth 2006,07-gold, Arjun award-2007
GM S.Kidambi: Badalona open 2008-1st, Open Olomouc 2004-1st,
GM Deep SenGupta: Hasting 2011-1st, Vaujany 2010-1st, Cannes 2010-tied 1st, Canberra open 2009-1st, NK Schaken open 2007-1st tied, World under 12- Gold,
GM Adhiban: Olympiad 2014-bronze, World team 2010-bronze, National Champion 2009, Wolrd under 16-gold,
GM SP Sethuraman- Olympiad 2014-bronze, World under 16-Gold, Int GM Hyderabad 2013-1st
GM Vaibhav Suri- World under 18-bronze

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Indian chess achievers -Others

IM Saptharshi Roy: Canadian open 2005-1st
GM M.R.Venkatesh: Commonwealth 2006-bronze
IM Tania Sachdev: Olympiad 2012-bronze, Arjun award 09, World mind sport08-silver, Asian Women 2007-gold, National Champion-2 times
GM Lalith Babu: Chennai open 2013-1st, Commonwealth chess- gold, Parsvanath open 2012-3rd, Hasting 2011-2nd, Leiden open 2009-1st
IM Arvindh Chithambaram- Chennai open GM-1st
IM Shyam Sundar- Hasting 2011-2nd
IM Eesha Karawade: World Jr 2004-bronze, World team 2009-silver
IM Murali karthikeyan- World under 16-gold
WGM Saumya Swaminathan: National champion 2010, World Jr 2009-Gold 
WGM Meenakshi: Asian Women 2004-silver
IM Vijayalaxmi: Cutro open 2007-1st, Athens open 06-1st tied, Chess Olympiad 00, 02-silver, Asian women 01-silver, Commonwealth- gold,silver, National Champion-6 times, Arjun award-2000
IM Nisha Mohota: Asian Women 2001-bronze, National Champion
WGM Arti Ramaswami: World under 18 girls-gold, National Champion WGM Swati Ghate: National Champion
WGM Mary Ann Gomes - National Champion-2012, Asian champ 2012-silver, National Champion 2011, World under 18 girls - bronze, Olympiad 2008-silver-board 5
WGM Krutika Nadig- National Champion
IM D.V. Prasad: National Champion - 2 times
IM P. Konguwel- National Champion
IM Rohit G: World under 14-silver, Youth under 16 olympiad-silver
WIM Bhyagashri Thipse: Asian Women--1991-gold, National Champion - 5 times, Arjun award-1987
WIM Anupama Gokhale: Asian Women-1985,87- gold, National Champion- 5 times, Arjun award-1990
WIM Rohini Khadilkar - Asian Women - 1981,83 - gold, National Champion-5 times, Arjun award-1981
IM Manual Aron - National Champion - 9 times, Arjun award-1961
WIM Jayashri Khadilkar - National Champion - 4 times
WIM Vasanti Khadilkar - National Champion
Sayantan das- World under 12 - gold
WGM Padmini raut- Olympiad 2014-5th board-gold, World Junior 2010-bronze, World under 14 - gold
GM Vidit Gujrathi- World Jr 2013-bronze, World under 14-gold, under16-silver
GM Sahaj Grover: World under 10-gold
IM N. Srinath: World under 12-gold
Girish Kaushik: World under 16-silver
IM G Akash- National Champion-2012
Debasis Das- World U18-bronze

Furtado Ivana - U10-silver
Mahalaxmi- world under 14-gold
Vaishali- world under 12-gold

Monday, September 10, 2012

Chess Olympiad 2012- Abhijit, Tania win medals

In the recently finished chess olympiad 2012, Abhijit Gupta won silver medal on last board and Tania Sachdev won bronze medal on third board. Congratulations.....

Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Summary of Anand's Major Achievements

In case anybody interested, here is the summary of Anand's major achievements...
Zurich chess classic 2015- 1st
Match format World Championship 2014- Lost to Magnus Carlson
Match format World Championship 2013- Lost to Magnus Carlsson
Match format World Champion 2012- (defeated Gelfand)
Botvinnik memorial rapid-2011-1st
Match format World Champion-
2010 (defeated Topalov)
Match format World Champion
- 2008 (defeated Kramnik)
Tournament format World Champion-2007

Knock out format World Champion- 2000
World rapid chess champion-2003
World number 1 rank - April 2007- Oct 2008
Chess Oscar- 5 times winner
World chess championship 2005- 2nd
Wijk Ann Zee Corus classic- 5 times winner
Linares Super GM classic- 3 times winner
Mainz chess classic- 11 times champion
Corsica masters rapid- 5 times champion
Dortmund classic-2 times winner
Melody Amber rapid- 5 times winner
World cup- 2 times champion
Eurotel 2002- champion
Leon chess rapid- 7 times winner
Reggio Emilia Super GM- winner 1991
Siemens-Frankfurt chess - 2 times winner
Tal Memorial Blitz - 1st
PCA world chess championship- challenger 1995
Padma Vibhshan-2008, Padma Bhushan - 2000, Padma Shri- 1987, Arjun award

Soviet Land Nehru award -1987
Rajiv Gandhi Khel-Ratna award- 1991- 1st recipient
Jameo De Oro- Spains highest civilian award
Book of the year award-BCF- 1998
Sportstar - Sportman of the Millinnium award

and champion of many other tournaments.........

Monday, June 25, 2012

Humpy won Womens chess grand prix 2012

Koneru Humpy has won womens chess grand prix 2012 played at kazan. This is an important victory for her as all the top women players were participating.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Anand retains world championship

Anand defeated challenger Boris Gelfand in rapid play offs after 6-6 tie in classic games and retained his world champion status. Congrats to Anand.....
Now how is Bharat Ratna for Anand!!!!!

Monday, January 30, 2012

Hari wins Tata Steel group B

Harikrishna has won the TATA Steel Group B chess tournament 2012.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Sahaj Grover wins bronze in world junior 2011

Sahaj Grover has won a bronze medal in world junior chess championship 2011

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Harika becomes GM

Harika finished on second position in a all women chess tournament in China and obtained her final GM norm to become second female GM of India after Koneru Humpy.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Harikrishna/Harika win Golds at asian chess 2011

Harikrishna has won a gold medal in asian individual chess championship 2011. Harika has the women's gold medal in the same competition. Isha karawade has won the bronze medal.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Abhijit Gupta wins Dubai Open 2011

Abhijit Gupta has won the strong Dubai Open chess tournament 2011 Parimarjan Negi finished on second position.

Saturday, March 05, 2011

Humpy wins Qatar Womens Grand Prix 2011

Humpy has won the very strong Qatar Womens Grand Prix 2011

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Padmini Rout wins bronze at world junior 2010

Padmini Rout has a won bronze medal in world junior championship 2010

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Sasikiran 1st in Hogeschool Zeeland

Sasikiran finished on first position in Hogeschool Zeeland international chess tournament 2010

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Abhijit Gupta shares kavla open title

Abhijit Gupta shared first place in kavla international chess open 2010

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Parimarjan Negi wins Arjun Award 2010

Parimarjan Negi has been given arjuna award 2010

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Commonwealth chess championship 2010

R R Laxman has won a gold medal in commonwealth chess championship 2010 and finished second overall in open chess championship. Many norms were made by Indian players.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Anand retains World Championship title!!!!

Anand retained his World championship title in a 12 round match with challenger Topalov (world no 1 ranked player). He defeated Topalov by 6.5 to 5.5.
Fantastic, superb match.
Congratulations Anand!!!!
He is Bharat Ratna....(doesn't need official title)

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Asian chess championship 2010

Abhijit Gupta has won bronze medal in a very strong asian chess championship 2010

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

World Championship Match- Anand-Topalov 2010

World Championship match is being played between current world champion Anand and challenger Topalov. After 4 rounds Anand is leading 2.5 to 1.5 in this 12 round match.
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