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Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Summary of Anand's Major Achievements

In case anybody interested, here is the summary of Anand's major achievements...
Zurich chess classic 2015- 1st
Match format World Championship 2014- Lost to Magnus Carlson
Match format World Championship 2013- Lost to Magnus Carlsson
Match format World Champion 2012- (defeated Gelfand)
Botvinnik memorial rapid-2011-1st
Match format World Champion-
2010 (defeated Topalov)
Match format World Champion
- 2008 (defeated Kramnik)
Tournament format World Champion-2007

Knock out format World Champion- 2000
World rapid chess champion-2003
World number 1 rank - April 2007- Oct 2008
Chess Oscar- 5 times winner
World chess championship 2005- 2nd
Wijk Ann Zee Corus classic- 5 times winner
Linares Super GM classic- 3 times winner
Mainz chess classic- 11 times champion
Corsica masters rapid- 5 times champion
Dortmund classic-2 times winner
Melody Amber rapid- 5 times winner
World cup- 2 times champion
Eurotel 2002- champion
Leon chess rapid- 7 times winner
Reggio Emilia Super GM- winner 1991
Siemens-Frankfurt chess - 2 times winner
Tal Memorial Blitz - 1st
PCA world chess championship- challenger 1995
Padma Vibhshan-2008, Padma Bhushan - 2000, Padma Shri- 1987, Arjun award

Soviet Land Nehru award -1987
Rajiv Gandhi Khel-Ratna award- 1991- 1st recipient
Jameo De Oro- Spains highest civilian award
Book of the year award-BCF- 1998
Sportstar - Sportman of the Millinnium award

and champion of many other tournaments.........


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