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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Indian chess achievers -Others

IM Saptharshi Roy: Canadian open 2005-1st
GM M.R.Venkatesh: Commonwealth 2006-bronze
IM Tania Sachdev: Olympiad 2012-bronze, Arjun award 09, World mind sport08-silver, Asian Women 2007-gold, National Champion-2 times
GM Lalith Babu: Chennai open 2013-1st, Commonwealth chess- gold, Parsvanath open 2012-3rd, Hasting 2011-2nd, Leiden open 2009-1st
IM Arvindh Chithambaram- Chennai open GM-1st
IM Shyam Sundar- Hasting 2011-2nd
IM Eesha Karawade: World Jr 2004-bronze, World team 2009-silver
IM Murali karthikeyan- World under 16-gold
WGM Saumya Swaminathan: National champion 2010, World Jr 2009-Gold 
WGM Meenakshi: Asian Women 2004-silver
IM Vijayalaxmi: Cutro open 2007-1st, Athens open 06-1st tied, Chess Olympiad 00, 02-silver, Asian women 01-silver, Commonwealth- gold,silver, National Champion-6 times, Arjun award-2000
IM Nisha Mohota: Asian Women 2001-bronze, National Champion
WGM Arti Ramaswami: World under 18 girls-gold, National Champion WGM Swati Ghate: National Champion
WGM Mary Ann Gomes - National Champion-2012, Asian champ 2012-silver, National Champion 2011, World under 18 girls - bronze, Olympiad 2008-silver-board 5
WGM Krutika Nadig- National Champion
IM D.V. Prasad: National Champion - 2 times
IM P. Konguwel- National Champion
IM Rohit G: World under 14-silver, Youth under 16 olympiad-silver
WIM Bhyagashri Thipse: Asian Women--1991-gold, National Champion - 5 times, Arjun award-1987
WIM Anupama Gokhale: Asian Women-1985,87- gold, National Champion- 5 times, Arjun award-1990
WIM Rohini Khadilkar - Asian Women - 1981,83 - gold, National Champion-5 times, Arjun award-1981
IM Manual Aron - National Champion - 9 times, Arjun award-1961
WIM Jayashri Khadilkar - National Champion - 4 times
WIM Vasanti Khadilkar - National Champion
Sayantan das- World under 12 - gold
WGM Padmini raut- Olympiad 2014-5th board-gold, World Junior 2010-bronze, World under 14 - gold
GM Vidit Gujrathi- World Jr 2013-bronze, World under 14-gold, under16-silver
GM Sahaj Grover: World under 10-gold
IM N. Srinath: World under 12-gold
Girish Kaushik: World under 16-silver
IM G Akash- National Champion-2012
Debasis Das- World U18-bronze

Furtado Ivana - U10-silver
Mahalaxmi- world under 14-gold
Vaishali- world under 12-gold


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