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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Anand: Mexico Championship will be the legitimate one

Anand said in Chennai about current world championship match between Topolov and kramnik (Kramnik won the match), "It's great entertainment, no doubt. But there is no place for such things in sport. He (Kramnik) was accused not of something he actually did, but something he could have done, and losing a game was extremely unfair to Kramnik. To say that it could have been handled better would actually be putting it mildly. The event is tainted now, the validity of the event is in doubt now, The Mexico Championship will be the legitimate World championship. Most of the top players play there," he said, adding that the hunger to win the World Championship had barely diminished. "It's very much there."
I hope Anand gets a chance to play 12 games match with kramnik in future...


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